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Lord bring my husband back to me,

Father lord put your judgment upon everything that is against my marriage in Jesus name.let every power that is sent to frustrate me out of marital home fall down by fire in Jesus name, Lord have an encounter with my husband Osita in Jesus name Amen.

Prayer request made golden: Fri Jun 06 20:16:27 +0000 2008

  1. Lord have an encounter with my husband


mrjt  Mon Jun 09 15:21:58 +0000 2008
Olouchi, I sympathize with you for what you are going through in your marriage with your husband. The devil attacks the families of christians often because that is what can distract us the most- something wrong at home. That's why the family in America nowadays is in so much chaos. However, as we know, all things are possible with God.

Here is my advice: when dealing with powerful demonic forces and principalities in a land that gives them more power through the sin of withcraft, you have to bind together with other believers and pray often, sometimes daily about your situation. When two or three are gathered against evil forces, their combined faith is strong enough to overcome those evil forces. Demons oftentimes do not work alone: they work in groups to overwhelm believers. Therefore, group prayer become absolutely necessary. Also, fasting and prayer is needed when dealing with powers of witchcraft. When we fast, we intensify our faith and our focus. I have heard and read many stories of demons being defeated through prayer and fasting. There are many websites to go to to learn how to deal with these forces. Witchcraft is not ordinary spiritual warfare. You must know what you are dealing with when faced with these kinds of powers. Though I have been saved for over 12 years, I never knew that many of the problems coming my way were because there were people praying to demons against me. And though we are protected spiritually, we must be at our best spiritually to overcome them(1Pe.5:8). Any areas of sin in our lives opens the door for these evil forces. We must close these doors, lest we be defeated them. We must always "submit to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee...". There must be submission in every area. That's why I say fasting and prayer is absolutely necessary. It gives you great spiritual intensity!

We will be praying for you . Never give up. The marriage is very sacred in God's eye's, and i am sure your is. God bless!

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afclai  Thu Jun 12 18:30:47 +0000 2008
Dear Oluchi,

I agree with Mrjt. Prayer is very powerful and when you pray to God, asking Him exactly what you need from Him with a thankful heart, He will definately deliver what is best for you. We are here to back you upand manifest the power of prayer together with you. God will for sure take away your worries and restore your marriage.

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omo  Sat Jun 14 03:28:36 +0000 2008
Dear Oluchi

I want you to know that The Lord has taken control of all the situations negating against you right from the moment you put out your request.

The bible says 'before we speak He has heard us and whilst we are yet speaking He has answered'. Your testimony will be complete, and your marriage has been restored, and i have this believe because the bible says 'the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much' the joint prayers of everyone will speak for you, and i plead the blood of Jesus over you and your family even at this time and i hide you behind the cross of the almighty. I speak blindness to all spiritual eyes monitoring you and your marriage, i break into pieces all evil mirrors being used to monitor you and i speak the fire of the Holy Ghost on every evil altar where your name and your husbands name has been taken. The bible says that 'He makes diviners mad' all the diviners working against your marriage and destiny will turn mad in Jesus name, and from now on you will have the peace of God in your life, everything that has gone wrong will begin to go right and God will turn all the impossible situations around in your favor.

Your husband will have a divine encounter with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name and any heart of stone will become a heart of flesh and Gods name will be glorified.

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cmarie  Wed Nov 05 13:24:22 +0000 2008
it has been 4 months since you posted this, and i certainly hope that God has worked this for you. i can definitely relate. i am suffering a broken heart this minute. and i have been for 2 months. i'm not sure how to keep my faith. i've been praying so hard for the restoration of my relationship, and i've started to wonder if it's just not meant to happen because i have seen nothing from God nor have i heard anything from Him. and i ask him every day...multiple times a day. it's like playing charades.

i will pray for you and your family.

dear God, please bless oluchi and her family. please touch the hearts of this couple Lord, God. i beg you to comfort them and give them peace. you are the almighty and you know all. through you, all things are possible. in your name, AMEN.
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