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the 2 beasts

If the Euro does not become the defacto replacement for oil purchase it to will go the way of the dollar, however in the mean time the Mediterranean side Euro zone countries are going to enter a very interesting time, if there are no safety valves allowed for social harmony and common weal, it is possible that once the US dollar reaches its critical point of societal destruction in the US, that we may see a cry go out for a saviour to rescue everything and all as it is now, statements from history past from the UN(Rockefeller if i remember correctly made a statement to this effect, be he man , devil or god , we will follow him. Time may be ready to reveal what the wise have watching unfold for a few years now, will the 2 beasts be reveled now or later? I hope a little later.

Lord have mercy and ready the Body to obedience and love.

Prayer request made golden: Thu Jul 17 11:48:27 +0000 2008

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goodthings4martin  Sat Jul 19 13:57:53 +0000 2008
may time not be wasted

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