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for our daughter courtney

Our daughter Courtney is 33 years old and was a senior whale trainer at SeaWorld in San Diego. She is a fraternal twin and she loves Jesus. She is single and was diagnosed with OCD (Obsesive Compulsive Disorder) when she was 18. She has been on medication and has such a blessed life and has coped with the OCD. Two years ago following a major whale accident, a Christian man stalking her for a year and two surgies and her grandma getting cancer she had a breakdown. She has been through much therapy and been in mental hospitals three times and tried to take her life three times and called in time for help. Her pastor's wife andher friend saw a demon as they prayed for her the last time she OD'd and then an angel came as they sang and prayed and courtney threw up the medicine. She is now in Cottonwood, a treatment facility here in Tucson where she is staying. We live here. She has had some dreams that she may have been molested but because of the OCD she cannot remember and no one is sure. My ex-husband, her father, has been a lot of help; he is not a believer. We do not know if he touched her years ago. He seems to love her very mluch and she says he didn't. She is now at the point the psychiatrist said today that if hormone therapy doesn'thelp her (a new option) she may have to have invasive brain surgery and they are still not sure of it. She is feeling hopeless and feels God has abondoned her. To meet her and be with her is to fall in love with her. Our hearts are so torn and we need such a miracle and more than one. We also would like prayer for Cindy Wool, a Jewish woman who has lukemia. Her husband is our doctor and they are such fine people and love God but need Jesus so. Thank-you so much and God bless you.

Prayer request made golden: Sun Jul 20 12:44:50 +0000 2008

  1. prayer to save a young woman's life from OCD...and a miracle for a woman with lukemia and who is Jewish and needs Jesus.


Raminakai  Sun Jul 20 12:57:09 +0000 2008
Dear Heavenly Father,
I bow down to you tonight and ask You dear Jesus to have mercy upon this young woman.
Please touch her spirit anew! Please bring the right people to minister to her peace and comfort, and your truth. Please give the docters and everyone involved in her care , wisdom and insight.
I thank You for being near to her where ever she is. I thank you for her father who prays for her, and loves her with Your heart.
Thank you for this young woman, and for the way in which You will bless her and bring her through this stronger than before.
Surrond her with angels and protect her from further woundings.
We that you for her life! We thank you for the gifts you placed inside her and the love for animals you have given her. I thank you for her tender heart, and her creative spirit.
Thank you Jesus,
In Jesus Name,

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I and my wife Kathy love Jesus with all our hearts. We are retired. I do wood carvings and my wife hosts a Christian radio show and we together produce a Christian TV show. we have 6 children and 8...

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