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Prayer for Hope to rebuild a Broken Relationship

Recently after a 3 year relationship with a man, he strayed for the second time, he has 3 children that I adore, I miss them so much, as I also still have so much love in my heart for him, please pray for us, that the lord might see fit to return us together with a stronger love in him that has no cracks to slip through. Also, that we can make a family life filled with love and God for all of our children.

Submitted Sun Jul 20 22:04:02 +0000 2008

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Raminakai  Mon Jul 21 01:07:57 +0000 2008
Dear Friend,
You did not say whether or not you are married. You deserve more than some man who treats you in this way. It is also a horrible example to his children who see him using women and not loving them, who has no sense or ability to commit faithfully.
Only God can do that inner change in someone soul. Men, and women both need to understand, grow and mature before they are able to resist their impulses and be commited within a relationship. Intimacy, being able to work through all the issues that come up in a relationship without running, cheating or otherwise abusing your partner takes work, and skills, tools.
Continue to pray for him, that he has an encounter with God, but also that you are better able to have insight as what you really need.
Dear Heavenly Father,
Have mercy upon these people. Only You know what is very best for them. Ony you know their hearts and what your specific plan for their life is. Only You know the future. Please guide this woman in the way that would bless her , free her and give her the most joy in her inner woman.
I ask you to touch this man's spirit and that he turns and follows You instead of his lusts. I ask you to protect his children,a s they see a father who is not able to commit or be faithful to anyone, the worst being himself.
We lift this up to you and thank you for the answers that you will bring. Thank you for each days blessing.
In Jesus Name,
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Lresidencia_ygh  Fri Aug 01 17:47:04 +0000 2008
A relationship will never work if there is no sincere repentance. If he doesnt come back, he is not meant for you. Trust in the Lord as He knows what is best for us. Afterall, you still have love to bestow to your daughter and to the people who truly care for you!

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