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Gospel light in the darkness areas

1. I am urban Bible school teacher in Myanmar, Yangon (Rangoon). Please pray for the opportunity for young people to know Christ. 89% non-christian lands so, please pray for me more opportunity for evangelism as well.
2. I need more study preparation. Please pray for me good chance that the Lord will open for ministerial studies.
3. Please pray for that the Lord will provide Mission Train Center for peoples in this one of the darkest nations in the world, it is the very needs that you and I can work together in various fields for the salvation of million of people in Mayanmar (Burma).

Prayer request made golden: Mon Jul 21 10:37:30 +0000 2008


mrjt  Mon Jul 21 11:40:55 +0000 2008
Myanmar, as a fellow christian, I just want to say that I really appreciate christians like you who really care for those who are lost. Your prayers sound like someone like the apostle Paul, who pleaded with the christians of his time to pray for him to continue to be able to spread the word. He was not overly concerned with himself, or his own needs, for that matter. He was willing make sacrifices for others to hear the Gospel. Again, I applaud you for your love for God and his people who are lost. Surely you are highly regarded in heaven.

Father, I pray that you will bless this fellow christian with all his needs. Let there be more than enough resources to do the work you have called him to do, and open the hearts of others to pour into this ministry to reach people who have not heard the message of your son, Jesus. Father, we pray that their eyes will be opened to this message, and that every spirit coming against your work in that land is bound by the blood of Jesus. Let every hear, Lord; and let every enemy of Jesus be defeated. In Jesus name. Amen.

Stay strong, brother!

Certainly the Lord reward you
bountifully. I'll be praying for
you and the work you are doing.
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Submitted by rodingliana from Myanmar

I am teaching in Bible school in our country. I am praying for that God will open much more opportunity for mission and evangelism for the save of the losts.

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