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Need God to do what He does best, I need a Miracle

Wife Filed for Divorce and moved to Kyle Texas, she doesn’t want any Contact with me. Pray that the Holy Spirit softens my wife Lana Joy’s heart, that Jesus will giver strength to turn to Him in this trial, Bind Satan away from my wife and I as well as all who are close to her giving counsel. This is an attack from Satan and I ask that everyone pray that Jesus keeps him away so the God can work in her life. Pray for me that I have wisdom when there opportunities to communicate. Keep my spirit open to Jesus our Lord and restore this marriage for Gods glory!

Prayer request made golden: Mon Jul 21 09:25:04 +0000 2008


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Submitted by jrs1967 from United States

About jrs1967
41 5 kids, 3 with first wife and my wife has 2 kids when we married.

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