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Pray for my wife

Lord, i come to you and ask that my wife will answer my calls, I have been trying to contact her to find out what is going I want to go home. thank you father, in jesus christ name, I pray, Amen.

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Raminakai  Wed Jul 30 10:15:39 +0000 2008
Dear Friend,
You are loved.You are wanted. You belong to the family of Christ, and to God Himself and nothing, ever will change that!
I am deeply sorry and understand how much it hurts when somone elses selfishness, their own hurt and pain, cause them to hurt you. God is the only ONE in the entire Universe who will never leave, forsake us, lie to us, betray us.
All of us are falliable. We all hurt each other. It is a sad fact. We all are tempted by lusts,emotions,fear. We all are selfish. It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that any of us can stand, and recieve his grace for our slips.
I understand that the pain you feel is not able to be expressed in words. I too have felt that kind of pain. Nothing will take it away, except fully allowing God to be your confidant-find a place when you can be alone, and fully vent all your feelings before Him. Speak whatever it is Your heart wants to say to the Master of the Universe. He can handle your saddness, anger,frustration,fear- and allow Yourself to be open to hearing from Him. He will meet you in this.
Repeat as nessecary.
I am sorry that right now your wife does not love you the way a wife should, it is worth grieving. It is a loss. It hurts.
It won't hurt like this forever, God will help you work through it. Life will get better.Step by step.
Hang on!
"Dear heavenly Father,
You and You alone know exactly what this man is feeling. You and you alone can feel the stabbing in his heart, the twisted ache that will not go away. You alone understand how alone and afraid and lost he feels.
Please comfort him. Please have mercy upon his soul, and hold him in Your arms. Please allow him to see a glimspe into his future where he can find wholness and healing no matter what his wife decides to do.
Please forgive her for her selfishness. Forgive us all for our moments when we get tired of doing right and wnat to feed our desires that might hurt or harm others.
Let us not grow weary in well doing, for you tell us we will reap great things, as we patiently wait upon You to do justice in our lives.
I thank you for this man. I thank you for ways in which you are available anytime, all the time to listen, guide comfort, refresh, give wisdom.
Ease his ache, relieve his pain, fill him with peace.
Take care of him. I place him in Your hands for care. Tend to his broken heart, fill his mind with thoughts of kindness toward himself, and the man that You see when you look at him.
You esteem him. You find him loveable. you want him to be yours and will always find him worthy. You find him sweet, and interesting and want to be with him forever, no matter what he does, or what his flaws are. You are the One who choose him, he will never be unchoosen, or replaced.
The calling you have on his life is irrevokeable!
May your favor be in his life, and he allow you to comfort him. Please help his emotions be steady for his children, and protect them as much as possible.
Lead him to whatever help and support close to him.
Thank you for the honor of praying for my brother.
In Jesus Name,
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I am a 47 year man, I have been ask to live my place at home because I ask a the question if my wife was cheating on me. I feel unloved and unwanted. We have been together for 9 years, 8 months. Need ...

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