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PLEASE PRAY THAT god would heal our broken marriage.just as jesus came and healed the broken hearted.

Prayer request made golden: Wed Jul 30 23:28:28 +0000 2008

  1. helad my marriage


mrjt  Thu Jul 31 14:11:35 +0000 2008
Veronica, may the Lord grant your prayer request to save your marriage. As I have said before, marriage is very honorable in God's eyes; and he has made the family the pillar of our world. If the family falls, all of society will fall sooner or later. That's why marriage is so important: it's the key to our civilazation- after our relationship with God, of course. And divorce is one of the greatest threat to the stability of our world. That's why the devil seeks so hard to destroy marriages. In this way he attempts to ruin both mother and father emotionally, and especially the children. All of us suffer when marriages fall apart. That's why God is so willing to answer our prayers when we pray for the family. So be encouraged.

But, before we pray, let's make sure you are doing all that you can so that God can work through you to heal your marriage. Be sure to increase your prayer time with God; be sure to stay in the word, and write down scripture relevant to what you are going through. Repeat those scriptures over and over again everyday until they sink way down in your heart. In time faith will spring forth out of you, and peace as well. Finally, use the power of other believers always. Join with them in prayer, because there is tremendous power when two or three saints join together for prayer. Do all this, and then just wait on the Lord. No matter how it seems, just keep trusting in God. All will work out in time.

Father, we speak your blessings over Veronica's family. We plead the blood of Jesus over it and bind the devil in everything he is trying to do. Strengthen Veronica and give her faith like she has never had; let peace fill her heart like never before. And look upon her husband, Lord. Move on his life. Show him how much you treasure the family, that in your word you said that you hate divorce, eventhough you allow it in certain cases. Set him free from the deceptions of the enemy, Lord. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

God bless you Veronica!


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Lresidencia_ygh  Thu Jul 31 16:13:20 +0000 2008
Veronica, Ill continually pray for you. One thing I can also share is pray with confidence. You should, abide, ask, belive & receive.

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Submitted by veronica41 from United States

me and my husband are going through a divorce my husband file for divorce. we go to court next week.i,m stilling believe MY GOD.CAN CHANGE HIS MIND.AND GOD WOULD SAVE HIM.

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