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Help me pray that I free myself from pain brought about by my marraige separation

I left my husband due to infidelity and financial "disability".I've been emotionally battered. Now I've heard facts that his mistress a former neighbor and retired bar girl (has 2 sons from different men) is pregnant by my husband. I also heard that he is financially supporting the mistress' sons (not his, I dont know how since he is unemployed). I have not seen him in almost 3 months now. He is not giving me any financial support whatsoever. My husband has so much debts and I'm scared that his creditors will go after me too.

I pray that God helps me to let go of my husband, to be unaffected by him. I should be really mad and indifferent already but I am still pained by the things I hear.

Please Lord, free me from anger and pain. Forgive my sins. Lead me to the right path. Please strengthen my faith. I am moving on but really slowly. Please give me patience too. I have to be okay for my 3 daughters. They will be fine as long as I am okay. Help me that I will guide them to Your path too.

I am also praying for my husband's conversion.

Lord, I pray in Jesus' name. Amen

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claudiajayne  Wed Aug 06 17:11:08 +0000 2008
I feel your pain. I know what lies and mistrust feel like in a marriage. I'll pray that God would lead you & your girls down a new (and better) path quickly. Stand strong -- you'll make it.
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Submitted by cry.me.a.river from Philippines

I left my husband 5 months ago due to infidelity. I am a mother of three.

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