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We need miracles, please pray for us!

My uncle is a struggling alcoholic...he comitted himself to the hospital few months back, he had been going to church and got saved but backslid. He needs lots of prayers to fight this addiction, as he is starting to turn on his own family when he is drinking. My aunt has just got her first job at the age of 44. She still loves with my grandmother and has never been married. She fears rejection and public so pray that she has courage to do this job. It is at a church day care. As you can see, we have lots going on in our family, we need miracles!! Please pray with me! God bless you all!

Submitted Wed Aug 13 13:56:36 +0000 2008

  1. Stress
  2. Family
  3. Home
  4. job
  5. car
  6. Health
  7. mom
  8. depression


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Submitted by cindyj from United States

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