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Please pray for us, we need miracles!

I have no one but God to turn to, so I know I'm at the right place, so please, as many of you that are willing to pray for my family PLEASE do. First off, I'd like for you to pray for my mom, my dad, and myself as we have received news that we have to give up our beloved home to a utility company. We've found a house that is accessible to my mom's handicap and is in a good location, but their credit isn't good. Please pray that we make the best decision on finding the home God wants us to have, and please pray for us to get financing. Also help us through the emotional turmoil of all this. No one understands what this house means to us. Secondly, this year has been horrible for our family...lots and lots of stress, deaths in the family, and sickness. I had a little extra money and wanted to take my parents and myself on a vacation for a few days. I took this week off from work, and on my birthday friday, i started having car trouble. They decided it was the transmission so I didn't have my car from Friday til Tuesday..everything was fine, had dinner with friends and the car started doing the same thing! Its actually my car, but my family depends on it as well. It takes them to doctors appointments, errands, and myself to work. I'm afraid to drive it, even if it does get fixed, let alone do I trust my parents in it, i'm afraid it will quit on them and they will get hurt. My credit isnt good either so i don't know if I can trade it and get a payment that I can afford. Everything is weighing hard on my family, especially my mom, she just wants to give up. Please pray that God will give her strength and she will keep her faith high so we can make it through all this. We can't do it without God and all your prayers. Also pray for my Dad, he is still struggling with his diebetes and is on insulin. Please pray that his doctor will take him off the insulin so he can go back to work on the 26th. Pray that God will guide him what to do to get healthy and be able to work.
My uncle is a struggling alcoholic...he comitted himself to the hospital few months back, he had been going to church and got saved but backslid. He needs lots of prayers to fight this addiction, as he is starting to turn on his own family when he is drinking. My aunt has just got her first job at the age of 44. She still loves with my grandmother and has never been married. She fears rejection and public so pray that she has courage to do this job. It is at a church day care. As you can see, we have lots going on in our family, we need miracles!! Please pray with me! God bless you all!

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Submitted by cindyj from United States

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