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my car is in the garage and the mechanic just cannot find the part a rotor brush to fix it, it is causing a lot of pressure on the household, please pray that the part be found. my finances are low please pray that money be provided to pay the bills, i have just lost money in 2 investment club, over 2 million dollars.please pray that i dont get depressed because it has began to happen, money for food is low at the moment,please pray that my daughter Melissa gets a job, she has just finished university,please pray that my husband business has an increase in sales

Prayer request made golden: Sat Aug 16 21:18:53 +0000 2008

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mrjt  Sun Aug 17 11:14:52 +0000 2008
We certainly will pray for you: that's what God has called us to do- to stand in the gap for one another. But, first, let me ask you this: Are you putting God first in your finances by tithing? Remember, this is how God keeps the enemy from your finances(and the curse of sin on the world). Blessing God with the firstfruits of your harvest is the way to bring his protection over your life and the way that you get to enjoy what you have from him, as opposed to being obsessed with protecting it. God wants to be first in all things; and he blesses whatever we put him first in- marriage, finances, health, etc.

The next thing is most important. Are you living holy? Sin opens the door for the devil to come in. So, we must always confess sins and ask to God to strengthen us in areas of weaknesses. Although we will sin from time to time, we must always hate sin in our hearts and seek to avoid it as much as possible. Walking in holiness is very important in our relationship with God.And don't go overboard with the concept of grace like many Christians who just make excuses for their sins: Grace is for what we can't do, not what we refuse to do! God forgives us for sin, but he can't forgive us if we're not sorry for it. Again, we must always hate sin and always seek to outgrow any of it. This limits Satan power in our lives.

PRAYER: Lord, bless this family. Show them the cause of their financial woes. Show them everything you word says about protecting their finances, that you are the one who gives us the power to get wealth; and that you are the one who gives us the power to enjoy what we have, wealth or not. All peace and joy comes from you. Circumstances don't have the power to take them away from us. You give us peace even when we are sick; peace when we are hungry; peace when we are broke; peace when we have been betrayed. There is nothing we can't have your peace in if we stay close to you. So bless this family with a closer relationship with you, Lord. And give them all they have need of. And help then find the part they are looking for, Lord. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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Submitted by mel2son from Jamaica

About mel2son
i am a mother of 1 child a daugher age 22,i have a husband and i love the Lord

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