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restoration of marriage

My husband and I are seperated. He has been gone for 51/2 months now. I know God has told me to stand for this marriage. I am having a hard time finding suport everyone tells me to divorce him he's no good. I'm trying to do God's will and I know I've heard from heaven to stand will any one stand with me? Please!!!

Prayer request made golden: Thu Nov 20 20:14:56 +0000 2008


jrs1967  Thu Nov 20 15:34:33 +0000 2008
The Lord Jesus Christ will stand with you! I will stand with you! The true body of Christ will stand with you! Stay in your Bible, pray and read EVERY DAY! Lean on no one but your Lord. Stay away from the World! Be aware of what your eyes see, what your ears hear. Surround yourself in things that are Holy only! No TV unless it is religious, if you follow any series record them so you can fast forward through commercials, only Christian radio and music or bible teachings! You must take yourself out of this world and into the marvelous Light that our Jesus has provided! Check this website and seek the Lord in all you do!

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cmarie  Thu Nov 20 18:26:58 +0000 2008
keep your faith. you have support here. God bless you.

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hopeful  Tue Nov 25 06:16:48 +0000 2008
cmarie, thank you for your support.

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jobina  Tue Nov 25 11:48:53 +0000 2008
My Dear Friend U will be in my prays

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barry  Sun Nov 30 12:51:21 +0000 2008
Let God give direction...the others will have it proven in time and you may be the example they need. too many outside influences control our descions,even at our age :). let the world have their own. my situation is almost mirrored.

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Lresidencia_ygh  Tue Dec 02 22:51:47 +0000 2008
God hears all our prayers. He may not answer right away, but in time. Trust in Him and have faith.

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Submitted by hopeful from United States

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I am 50 years old. I have two daughters and 4 beautiful grandchildren. My children are serving the Lord praise God I am very Blessed....

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