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I want to thank God for His favor, mercy and grace although this year. i also want to thank my papa David Oyedipo for willingly accepting and allowing God to use him to reach out to many lives.

I want God to bless and provide for my family financially and spiritually, i want God to grant them all long live and prosperity in 2009. i want God to grant a job opportunity for i and my elder brother Nathan Akortha who will b passing out of N.Y.S.C next year march and July. i want God to restore peace in my family once more and restore all lost wealth back to my family. I want God to give my brother bethel retentive memory as he goes back to school next year.
want God to favor me from all aspect of my life next year so I can successfully open a salon which I have been planning towards next year, I also want Him to enable me gain admission into University of ife which I am working towards so I can start my Masters program next year. I want God to provide for all my friends home and abroad so that they can fulfill all the promises they have made. I pray that God grant Godferry Isoje his stay permits so that he can fulfill all the promises he has made to me. I pray for my friend Okey Onyeokoro who is doing his masters in London to emerge with a good result and get a good job as he is coming back February, I also want God let His will in our lives be done. I pray for divine health in my body and that of my friends. I pray for my friend Ejiro Elum I pray for divine health in his body and that of his family, may their heart desire be granted unto them according to God’s riches.
I pray for Timipere Alison I pray for job opportunity for him as he rounds up his master this December and also pray for breakthrough and heeling in his family. I pray that God use him to take the family to their next level in life. I pray that you Grant him all his heart desire. I pray for all my friends in general God grant their heart desire and give us all long life and prosperity.
God put in my heart to always forgive all those who sin against me and also help all I have sin against to freely forgive me my sins.
I pray that God give me good worker to serve me next year and also help me to be able to meet their needs. Help me lord to reach out to the poor in my church next year and to any other church I will be invited to. Help me Lord to always pay my tight and always provide for me so I can pay my tight. I commit my job this December into your Hands Lord help me to make all the money you u prepared for me this season and also help me to be able to please my customers this December.
I pray for Mr Ebiyerin Umukoro Lord help him to be made a judge this December so that he can provide job opportunity and also support me in opening my salon next year.
I pray lastly for Bonnyhills Okiemute Erhirhi the deliverer of this letter God you alone knows his heart desire please Lord Grant them unto him.
As for the things I have forgotten to write Lord your word said before we think of praying you already know what we want to ask please God search into my heart and grant all my heart desire. Not forgetting a life partner please God give me a perfect Husband that I will live to enjoy and serve you together as one.
All these and many others I ask in Jesus Name. Amen

Submitted Mon Dec 01 13:25:41 +0000 2008

  1. Breakthrough
  2. favor
  3. and God;s grace


barry  Tue Dec 02 13:26:54 +0000 2008
May God guide and protect you in your journey. I pray for your country. for peace, freedoms, and spiritual acceptance. in Jesus name , Amen

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Submitted by Akortha faith from Nigeria

am a single still searching

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