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Reconsilation with my Boyfriend

Please pray that the love that i have lost for more than 2 years may get back to me. May god interviel in this relation & make Eric The one That I love realise what ever he is doing with me is totally wrong .May God bless this relation and convert this relation into an happy married life

Submitted Fri Dec 12 07:03:55 +0000 2008


cmarie  Fri Dec 12 15:47:17 +0000 2008
jobina, God has a specific plan for each and every single one of us. before you were ever born, He knew exactly what your heart would desire. i say this to so many people, but i honestly believe it is the key to receiving all of our hearts desires:

"HAVE FAITH that your life is perfect...right where it is supposed to be. even when it may seem impossible rather than perfect, nothing is impossible.

EVERY plan your Father in heaven has not planned for you is now dissolved and obliterated and the Divine Design of your life now comes to pass. Stand steadfast, immovable, giving thanks for your seeming impossible good to come to pass, for with God, it's easy to accomplish, and His time is now.

jobina, know that nothing in God's Divine design for you is lost, and what is rightfully yours according to His plan will return to you always.

i give thanks because, jobina, what you have always needed and wanted is already planted in your path...it's just waiting for you. so be patient and know that God is NEVER too late with anything He gives. His timing is perfect.
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Submitted by jobina from India

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