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Please help bring him home

This is a copy of a letter that I have e-mailed to every government official and finally got a case worker on Wednesday, this caseworker was out on Wednesday was sick on Thursday they say that someone will be here today PLease bring my son home this weekend so he can sleep in his own bed and go to school we have tried so hard in school this year to get a solid year and now thisLet me first apologize for taking up your valuable time. I am contacting you to ask for advice or help whatever you may see fit to do. My name is Stephanie McFatridge and I have a 13 year old son who had up until approximately 3 weeks ago had never seen or heard from his father. We left when my son was 6 weeks old due to the severe physical, mental and emotional abuse I suffered at the hands of his father. Periodically throughout the next 13 years Charles Alan York contacted me. Never to see the child or offer to pay one cent to his support. Always to tell me his delusional thoughts of him and I rekindling some type of romance that he thought we had. Mr. York was in and out of jail and prison on many occasions during this 13 year period. He started contacting me aprox. 4 weeks ago at that point he again wanted to rekindle the relationship, I encouraged him t talk to my son who the only thing he seemed to ask were questions about myself nothing to do with my son. On November 19th at aprox 5:30 Am Mr. York came to my house in Export PA and through threats and force bullied his way in my house and told me he was taking my son. I contacted the police who told me it was a custody issue and they could not help because neither of us had custody. I then drove from export PA to Kinzers Lancaster County PA with 2 friends to try and get my son back. I contacted the state Police who again told me the previous message of the custody situation. No I never obtained custody, or child support I just wanted left alone. At that point from what many attorneys have told me Mr. York decided to try and get back door custody by obtaining a PFA against me. All of which allegations are untrue. On December 3, 2008 I arrived in Lancaster county Courthouse to address this issue Mr. York Conveniently had chest pains and was in the hospital. Funny he used to do this when we were together to get out of seeing his parole officer. At that point the judge learned through Children and Youth that Mr. York is not to even be around children. Apparently he has some child sex crimes through Children and Youth. Well at this point the judge ordered my son to go with my mother and father in York PA until Children and Youth check my house out to be sure that I have a safe home. That has not happened yet since Lancaster has to contact Westmoreland and Westmoreland is very willing to do such but an intake officer Lori in Lancaster has not forwarded the information. My son had been out of school for aprox 3 weeks and by no way do I profess to be a perfect mother. I have sent my son to school every day make sure his homework is done very day and have even been able to get an hour of extra tutoring time so that he can have a solid year. I find it hard to believe that my case is even in Lancaster County due to the fact my son resides in Westmoreland County. Also if I may be such a bad parent why after going to school every day where he would be able to contact anyone about any issue that may be going on have I not heard from Children and Youth until now? Actually when I resided in VA I was employed by a Criminal Defense Attorney who had a client whom was unable to care for her 17 year old due to her incarceration and I took that Child to Social Services where I obtained a Protective Guardianship. Please, all I ask is for you to look at this and help me have my son returned to me I have no problem complying with Children and Youth, actually it may benefit him since he was allowed to live with what I consider a maniac for 3 weeks. My son needs to be back in his school sleeping in his own bed playing with his won friends. My phone number is 757-777-8375, if you have any assistance please call and leave a message I will return your call immediately as I have to use my computer phone since I have gone over my minutes by at least 100 until the 12th with all the complications of this situation

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Brennan  Fri Dec 12 20:23:00 +0000 2008
Just trust in the lord. he will take care of you and your family. Your in my prayers. God bless you and praise the lord for his greatness

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claudiajayne  Sat Dec 13 12:31:19 +0000 2008
I live in York and I know from a friend of mine who used to work at Domestic relations how messed up the Pa police can be with situations like this. I will pray that the truth will come to light and that God will protect you and your son from all the evil that's trying to break you apart.

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