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Sick Friends...

I have 3 very sick friends that are battling terminal diseases....My heart breaks for my friends when I see them...They are such beautiful people that don't deserve this horrible fate...Please pray for 28 yr old Peter...36 year old Chris...and little 6 year old Christina..I love you Lord Jesus...Please bless my friends.

Prayer request made golden: Fri Dec 19 23:50:14 +0000 2008


mrjt  Fri Dec 19 23:50:03 +0000 2008
May the Lord bless you for your unfailing love of your friends. It's people like you who move the hand of God's power through the world with your prayers of love. God is very pleased when we pray for others as if we ourselves were in their shoes. May the lord bless you for your kindness to your friends.

Now let's pray for them: Father, you are all-powerful. Nothing is too hard for you. You healed every disease and sickness when you walked the earth; you cast out demons; you raised the dead; you fed thousands when there was not enough food to go around. You even sustain heaven and earth with your mighty power. So you can do anything, and will do anything if we just ask you in faith. Heal these people who are sick, Lord; restore them to full health. Bless them all with a testimony to your great power, my father; spread your fame among those that know them so that they will all come to know of your great power again. In the past, you destroyed great nations to show the your world your glory, so that they might turn to you. You opened the red sea for people to cross; you fed them food from heaven; you gave them water out of rocks; you made the sun stand still for an extra day. There was nothing you wouldn't do for your people because you loved them so much, just as you love all of us today. Our concerns are your concerns. We are on your mind all day long. So surely you will heal these people because you love them and us so much. Thank you for your mighty love father. In Jesus name. Amen.

God bless you, Euroangel!

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