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Please pray that God would show me and guide me on my nursing career. I have been feeling like I should pursue a degree as a RN but I am scared about money and all the responsibilities that I already have....kids, husband, etc. But I really feel God pulling me to this. Please pray that God would give me clear signs about being a RN and provide the way for me to go to school.

Prayer request made golden: Tue Dec 16 12:11:32 +0000 2008

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cmarie  Tue Dec 16 16:59:46 +0000 2008
claudiajayne, you are under divine inspiration. you know just what to say and just what to do.

if this is your destiny, God will be your supplier.

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erikamarie2001  Wed Dec 17 18:54:12 +0000 2008
hi, I am in nursing school and I do a nurse externship which doesn't pay to good. but at the end of the day i come home and think about all the people I have helped. its very rewarding. its so nice to hear someone thank you for helping them. if you feel god is pushing you toward this then he feels you are right for the position.. maybe you could find a part time program. and still work or maintain a household at the same time. its not easy but worth every second. you are in my prayers. always...

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Submitted by claudiajayne from United States

34, married for 12 years, 2 boys age 9 & 11
Trying to discover the direction that God wants me to go

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