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Pls pray for my father

Pls pray for my father. His medical check up result showed there's something in his lung. Pls pray that it's not cancer or something dangerous.
Pls pray for my father's salvation, too. Thks.

Prayer request made golden: Fri Dec 19 17:44:52 +0000 2008

  1. Pray for my father


mrjt  Fri Dec 19 23:57:19 +0000 2008
Father, we pray for Ickiun's father. You said in your word, that if we ask for anything in your name, you would do it. So we know that you are healing this man right now as we speak, as we release our faith. For through faith we know that all things are possible. And through this faith in you and your power, through the blood of your son Jesus, we clearly speak total deliverance to this man; and we speak that he will come to know of your salvation as well, Lord, which is the greatest gift you give to the people of the earth. Eternal life is in salvation; a future with no sorrow is also in your salvation, and a world full of nothing but love and joy and peace is waiting for all those who accept you as Lord and savior. Bless Ickiun's father to come to know of that salvation. In Jesus name. Amen.

God bless your family, brother!

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Submitted by lckiun from Singapore

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