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I am unemployed for almost 6 months. need a job urgemtly.

I am unemployed for almost 6 months. need a job urgemtly.

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cmarie  Mon Dec 29 16:16:11 +0000 2008
christine, have faith that as one door shuts God opens another one.

infinite spirit, open the way for the divine design of christine's life to manifest; let the genius within her now be released; let her see clearly the perfect plan.

christine, know that you are always under divine guidance. pay extra close attention to those "hunches" you may get about anything and everything. for what better way for God to guide us to the right places than thru our intuition? remember that every person we meet is a link in our "golden chain" leading us to our destiny.

God bless!

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mrjt  Tue Dec 30 09:42:55 +0000 2008
father, we pray your spiritual blessings over Christine. You said that, if we seek first your kingdom, and your righteousness, that you will provide everything else for us. So we pray that our sister knows how to seek you with all of her heart, so that your presence in her life will eventually provide for all of her needs. You said you will never leave us alone. So may your will be done in her life. In Jesus' name. amen.

Don't forget to seek the Lord with all of your heart Christine. As you draw closer to him, he will draw closer to you. Then you shall have peace in your heart until the Lord opens doors for you. The Lord loves you and will never fail to take care of you. I know that personally because I have gone through what you are going through. But the Lord has opened doors for me. He'll do the same for you in time. But you must have patience. "Wait on the Lord."

God bless you!

Never give up on Jesus!

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Submitted by christine from India

I am unemployed for almost 6 months. need a job urgemtly.

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