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For the healing of Nicolas

I ask your prayer for my neighbours'son Nicolas (25 years old) who having had a cancer of the ear with recurrence (he had no ear now the doctor cut it) has now a lungs'cancer. He is under treatment (chemotherapy) and is very tired. Please pray that the Holy Spirit of God visits him and heals him of this disease. Their first son Frédéric was born handicaped. I believe in the divine cure and that God makes even today miracles.

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mrjt  Fri Jan 02 14:01:20 +0000 2009
Father, we know that you love Nicolas and his family. You feel his pain, O'Lord; you cry when he cries; you hurt when he hurts. You are not insensitive to what we go through here on this earth, because you suffered also. Now you know our pain personally, not just through your all-knowing wisdom, but through the pain of your own experiences here on earth. And you wait for us to pray for people so that you can move upon their lives and bring them healing and peace and joy. As we pray, you move to bring your own word to pass. When we speak healing, you make it happen. So we speak healing for this young man that you love more than any of us ever could. Reach out your hand and touch his body with total health. Let every tissue be restored completely. And bless his family with peace of mind during this time, Lord, for few of us really know the pain of having our own family members suffer this way. But you understand, for you know all things. Let your mercy and love shine on this family. In Jesus name. Amen.


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cmarie  Fri Jan 02 14:39:39 +0000 2009
we thank you, Lord for the healing of nicolas. we know you are working for what is best for nicolas and his family.

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Submitted by Michel from France

About Michel
I am a true Christian (new born again). First I was catholic and now (evangelic/pentecotist). But I am a christian and think that God loves christian for all denominations.

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