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Prayer for financial assistance for young family

Greetings all in Jesus Wonderful Name

We are a young family from South Africa and we are asking for you as the family of God to trust with us for financial assistance. We have been 7 years in ministry of which 2 years was full time. The past two years has been very difficult as my son of 4 Nathan almost passed away due to illness(we could not afford medical insurance). My wife suffered a nervous breakdown (being 3 months pregnant with our third) due to all the pressure and we struggle to focus on the ministry God has called us to. Please agree with us that the Lord will supply in all of our needs. Thank you family of God.

Prayer request made golden: Fri Jan 02 13:32:22 +0000 2009

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mrjt  Fri Jan 02 13:42:46 +0000 2009
Father, we pray for this family that's doing your work, in spite of their own hardships. Bless them with all that they need to continue doing the work that you have called them to do. You have said in your word, that we will reap if we faint not; and that you will never forsake us, that you will provide for all of our needs. So please bless this family, Lord. Give them more than they have need of; give them all the physical and spiritual resources they need to live on daily. And bless their children with radiant. Let no weapon the devil brings against them prosper. In Jesus name. Amen.

God bless your family, brother!

God will certainly bless you in time!

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Submitted by voice2heal from South Africa

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