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Lord I pray that today everything that has worried me for months will all be over today and that everything will ba dismissed in court.I am going to court today with faith in you that things will be fine as I know you are my judge and you have power over everyone in that courtroom.I will not let worry bother me today because I know that it is only the devil trying to ruin my faith and I will not let it happen any longer.Thank you Jesus...To all the people who have kept me in their prayers I wamt to thank you and just ask if you will keep me in your prayers today as I will be at court today at 9 am and can alwas use your prayers.Thanks again to all my brothers and sisters and may god bless you! I will let you all know the outcome of my day when I get home...

Update added Sun Jan 11 16:41:00 +0000 2009

I would like to say thank you all my brother and sisters for all the prayers that were given regarding my courtdate.I have beeen blessed on the outcome of my courtdate and it is now over.I wont be loosing my freedom,family and home.I will however have to do 8 days in jail on the weekends starting Feb 6th.I am exspecially grateful to the Lord for hearing my prayers because I was blessed throughout this whole ordeal.Thank you and may God bless you all!!!

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mrjt  Wed Jan 07 17:11:11 +0000 2009
Just trust in the Lord, Autumn. He didn't bring you this far to leave you. The Lord will finish what he started(Phl.1:6). And Know that the Lord will always be by your side. So "let your heart be not troubled". Jesus has overcome everything for our sake(Jn.14:27).

Prayer: Father, help our sister to just stand still and watch you move. We have submitted this thing for prayer many times. And your word says that "Whatsoever you desire, when you pray, believe you have received it, and you shall have it". Help Autumn to believe you have already answered her prayer, and that you will be there with her when she goes to court. Help her to learn to just trust you, even before she sees the results. For you also said in your word that "Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe". Strengthen her faith so that she, in the future, will believe you simply because of what your word says. Amen.

God bless you, Autumn!

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Raminakai  Thu Jan 08 03:56:48 +0000 2009
Dear Heavenly Father,
May Your Spirit prevail in the court room the day my sister goes in there. May your Hand and whispers be guiding the judge, the attorneys and all the ministers which you have placed there to minister Your justice and mercy. Allow what is very best for Autumn and her son, and her husband, take place. Your will be done.
Allow Autumn to trust you no matter how the verdict turns out, may she praise You regardless of the outcome.
In Jesus Name, Amen

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claudiajayne  Thu Jan 08 12:16:34 +0000 2009
How did everything go?

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