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My Sister

Please pray for my sister, Laura. She is hooked on drugs & alcohol and is throwing her life away. She is treating her husband & kids like garbage and I fear for my nephew's safety. She is lying, stealing, being very mean & nasty to everyone and we think she is seeing a man behind her husband's back. It is just a big mess. She refuses to get treatment and thinks we should all stay out of her business. Please pray that God intervenes and gives her a wake-up call fast.

Prayer request made golden: Tue Jan 13 12:15:21 +0000 2009

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cmarie  Tue Jan 13 15:37:18 +0000 2009
God bless Laura and heal her of all fear, doubt, anger, resentment, and addictions. there are no addictions in Your divine mind, Lord, therefore addictions cannot and will not win out.

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Marcuslee  Sat Feb 06 18:42:18 +0000 2016
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Submitted by claudiajayne from United States

34, married for 12 years, 2 boys age 9 & 11
Trying to discover the direction that God wants me to go

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