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I'm only 13, but Ive seen poverty in the world and it just breaks my heart. So many people see it as something thats so far away, so distant, and something that doesn't relate to us living in the United States at all.

This past spring I went to the philippines and saw with my own two eyes the poverty that some people live in. The reality that their house doesn't have electricity and that 8 people live in a house not nearly the size of one room here.

Those people have been so heavy on my heart lately. Honestly, for awhile after I got back I couldn't walk into a mall without crying. Everywhere I looked, on every shopping bag, was the face of one of the kids I had met, begging to just give them some money so they knew they would have something to eat for a day.

I could share stories and stories, so anyone interested or wanting more specific requests message me, but just pray for them all.

They lead lives so much like ours, and yet so different. They go to school, they study for exams... but maybe they don't eat every day. maybe they don't get to watch tv or go to their room... because theres just no space.

i know that praying for an end to poverty is pretty huge, but i just ask that as a country someone will step up and end it. i'm one person, but maybe i can get one more, who can get one more. maybe we can save one child from the pain and fear poverty brings.

i can think of so many stories, many too personal to just share out here, but if you want them... ask. because i love the culture, the people... everything. but i feel so small, and the problem is just so big.

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Raminakai  Wed Jan 14 01:57:00 +0000 2009
Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you for the heart of this young person who sees with Your eyes the hurting people of the world.
I thank you for the answers that you will give each person as to what they are called to do to. You have given each of us a special purpose, and work to do to bring Your love and healing, and things like food, shelter and material things that bless others in your name.
Those who give to the poor, lend to the Lord, for every thing we do in Your name is righteousness. You see our heart, and are pleased when we consider the needs of others.
Give this young person vision as to their purpose in the fight against poverty. Poverty is caused by sin, and You are the Way out, for each one, for our world. You have come, for each who will accept your coming. You see the whole world, all the millions of people, and also are in the spirit of the one.
Empower this one to impact the world in Your name, for great good, healing and to feed many, both with inner and outer food, that nourishes and brings life.
Bless this one for her heart to help others, and the willingness she has to feel the pain of others, and bring them to You.
In Jesus Name,

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mrjt  Wed Jan 14 03:12:44 +0000 2009
Juliak, I thank God for you everyday. You are such a brilliant young lady! How many kids 13 years old think about hungry people around the world? Most adults don't, let alone kids. So thank you for the love in your heart. That's what makes you powerful and brilliant in God's eyse: your love! Keep loving like that. God is going to do great things through you. I'm so sure of that.

God bless you, young lady!

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claudiajayne  Wed Jan 14 12:08:49 +0000 2009
God has put this in you for a reason. Maybe it's to spread the message here in the land of "way too much" that there are people in the world who don't have the need for a walk-in closet. Mother Theresa was just one little lady and looked what she accomplished. Nothing is too big when you have the power of almighty God behind you. I will pray for those people and I will pray for you.....that God uses you to manify His name. God has blessed you!

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