prayer it

everything was going great.
i felt like i was on top of my life again.
and i just lost it today.
and im trying to get back up, to move on
but im not really seeing a point anymore
why try, if i know im never going to really get better?

im hoping this is a feeling
that will pass, along with everything else
and I know i should just forgive and forget
like God will if i just ask
but somehow i dont think im there yet

Submitted Fri Feb 06 02:41:18 +0000 2009


cmarie  Fri Feb 06 15:02:49 +0000 2009
why do you assume you won't get better? that statement is one reason why you continue to stumble...you have no faith that God will heal you and that is your downfall. God isn't going anywhere. He's right there waiting for you to trust Him. just because things look impossible doesn't mean they are. that saying, "do not fear the darkness before the dawn." one of my favorites- sometimes things have to be at their worst for us before we can finally see the light.

you say, "i'm hoping this is a feeling that will pass"...hope, just like worry and fear is a sign of doubt. don't "hope"...KNOW it will pass. "for this too shall pass". it always does, but you have to put all your trust in God and thank Him repeatedly because you are on your way to perfect healing in perfect ways!!!

julia, everything you could ever want and ever need are planted..PLANTED..firmly in your pathway. they're just waiting for you to get through the darkness. once you face your "lions" (those things that cause you fear and worry), KNOWING God is at your side, those lions will move and the task that you once thought too be so difficult will seem easy and possible. with God ALL THINGS are easy and possible.

God BLESS you, and your "lions".

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mrjt  Fri Feb 06 18:03:46 +0000 2009
Juliak, stop counting your sins! The blood of Jesus cleanses us everyday! All you have to do is keep confessing that sin and just keep getting up. God knew you would sin, but he doesn't hold it against you just as long as you repent of it and keep moving forward. Guilt doesn't help you get over anything, but just makes things worse. Accept God's forgiveness and move on.

God bless!

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Submitted by juliak.23 from United States

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