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Waiting on the Lord..facing so many obstacles

Dear Sweet Jesus,
I am on my knees at your mercy..there are so many obstacles we are facing preventing us from progressing towards a better life..I try to be patient and know that things come to us in your time..but I grow weary and weak and my faith starts to waiver ..I am disabled and cant do anything to make our life better because I cant work anymore and my fiance is a mere pizza delivery guy who loves his job but as it seems will never see a raise..I have a 7 year old autistic son who's needs are growing but our income does not allow us to always get the best kinds of food for him..I wanted him to have the very best kind of life possible..and I struggle with the fact that I cant do anything more to make that happen..is it bad that I do not wish to be poor? please help us with some divine intervention so that we can have the very best life possible for our family..

In the name of Jesus,

Submitted Fri Feb 06 18:21:03 +0000 2009


cmarie  Fri Feb 06 20:45:30 +0000 2009
Barbie, don't look at yourself as poor or as lacking anything...you've been blessed! thank God for those blessings every single day. every day there are small miracles that we take for granted. you are blessed to have a fiance' who loves you and he has a job that he loves...how many people can say that, especially in these times of recession? you have a 7 year old son who is perfect in every way because he is unique and God chose YOU to be his mother because He knows the best life for your child can only be given by you...Barbie.

nothing is out of reach for you...God wants you to be happy and he wants your family to be happy as well. debt and money troubles in general are not the plan he has for us. Let GOD be your banker. you continue to follow your intuition and do what God would do, and you will get everything you could desire and require in this life and the next.

you're not struggling, you're facing a challenge that will make you stronger when you come out of it...you're on the verge of your heart's desire. God has it all planned out...just wait for Him. every single situation we face and every person we come across is just a step closer to where and who we are destined to be according to the plan that God has made specifically for each of us.

every morning for the past 2 months, upon waking, i say this affirmation out loud and after a while it stuck with me and sure enough, each day a miracle is presented to me...small or large.

"thy will be done this day. TODAY is a day of completion; I give THANKS for this perfect day! MIRACLE shall follow MIRACLE and wonders shall NEVER cease!"

your words are powerful...they effect the way you see things. your words not only have an impact on the way your life unfolds but on the way your family's life unfolds as well...you're the daughter of a king so by all means, live and walk proud like you are the daughter of THE KING. if you continue to speak or tell yourself that you are poor or that you are not living the very best life, then you can't expect that to change...you attract what you put out. negativity brings negativity but positivity brings positivity.

"for by your word you are saved and by your word you are condemned."(matthew 12:37) don't let your words convince your soul you are not destined for a great life...you're only holding yourself back.

i'm sure your son loves you and he, like most children don't realize that their families are not as wealthy as others, until someone tells them or points it out...and who's to say that if your son was in any other type of family situation as far as wealth goes, that he would be happier than he is now? kinda like adam and eve...they had the most wonderful setup and they were happy...really happy! until someone came along and said, "hey, why are you so happy? you shouldn't be because you don't have everything you want to make you happy." they didn't NEED anything else...they weren't lacking anything but someone else convinced them otherwise.

you have a great life, barbie and it will only get better!! everyday prepare for the fulfillment of your heart's desire. SHOW God you believe His promises to give all we could ever want and need WILL be kept.

He loves you.

God bless you and your family.

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