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prayers fast please we need to help this woman

I come first saying i am a sinner please forgive me God and i give You all the praises and receive Your forgiveness for You say we must prayer for the needed and weak and for others and God thank you for the promotion on my job increase in wages thank you please hear my prayer for this person thank You for all Your love for all us even sinners Dear God i come asking much prayer for Gloria Torres that You give her strength encouragement in the matter of her home with her young son Anthony that Gloria by Your guidance help love will tell the man she not married to that is 12 years older then her to leave her home that all the truth of her loving another will come out this other man is a good man her age good father person for her son the man that is in out for 3 years in her home sleep with his ex wife Saturday then with another woman yesterday and made videos and took picture of him and other woman he been seeing for almost 3 years he keeps going to this other woman Gloria saw the videos and pictures saw the phone bill where this man calls other woman 3-4 times a day God give Gloria wisdom she is lying to herself that its not true i saw the pics videos , this man talks about other woman in his sleep awake calls her his husband but he enjoys having a young woman like Gloria he has made her take other women to her home and he has sex with them both or Gloria goes back to work and then takes woman back home after she gets off and this man does not pay rent but G listens to the devil in lies that she cant make it with out this man she is brainwash bad the young-man she meet on her job goes to church talks to her tries to support her in getting her to stop lying to herself god touch her know give her words to say in getting this bad man out tonight her son sees hears all this he is only 12 help her give the young man strength courage in going and helping her tell bad man to leave all he does is drink cheat lie use her let her see open her eyes touch this man and let him see that he needs to leave on his own no trouble no problems and he leave G this woman alone heal him of his drinking lies using women for sexual pleasure that you will do the job and Gloria and Anthony have peace joy love from You and this new young man will be friends and if your will more for he is a good person let Gloria see all this right know help her send angels down give her words to speak all truth in this matter get bad man out of her home thank you Lord in Jesus name amen amen

Submitted Tue Feb 17 23:49:00 +0000 2009


mrjt  Fri Feb 20 09:58:55 +0000 2009
Lord, we pray for Gloria. We ask you to first lead her unto you so that she can follow your plan for her life. Heal her in the areas of her life where she is lacking; fill those emotional holes left in her that this man is manipulating. Show her that she is too special to let anyone use her. And heal this man, Lord; bring him out of this bad lifestyle before he is destroyed by his sinful life. You have said in your word that the time will come when we all will stand before you and receive Judgement for the way we live in this life. Save his soul, Lord. Bind every evil influence the devil has brought into his life. We know that satan only comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and his destiny is hell and he wishes to take us all with him. But you desire heaven for all of us. Lead them both into your plan for their lives. In Jesus name. Amen.

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