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Thank you sooooo much for all of your prayers!!!! Please do not stop!!!! My husband and I recieved marriage counseling yesterday from our Pastor and we are now at one of the trickiest junctures in our marriage! Yesterday went absolutely FANTASTIC!!! God is sosoooo good!! The pastor spoke from the Holy Spirit!! It was fantastic! I feel that the Lord blessed me to be able to finally have a clear mind about the whole situation and I was able to get my points across FINALLY!!! My husband listened to the Pastor/Holy Spirit and myself and he finally realized that he has an anger/control issue (which he did not realize he had!) and he agreed to another counseling session with our Pastor and also he agreed to get professional help to be counseled for his anger and control issues! Praise God! We are not done yet though! My husband is VERY depressed and we still need your prayers! I have been having breakthroughs of my own - realizing that sometimes I am pushing the buttons that are causing the anger issues and then we end up in a viscous merry-go-round of anger, resentment, and fear and God is changing me to stop. Please pray that my husband and I will be able to Pray and Work through these things successfully together! Thank you and God Bless!

Submitted Thu Feb 19 14:31:19 +0000 2009

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cmarie  Thu Feb 19 14:44:13 +0000 2009
let the marriage that is made in heaven be made manifest here on earth, under grace, in perfect ways.

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mrjt  Fri Feb 20 09:49:24 +0000 2009
Great! Now you and your husband stay close to God. Remember, the devil doesn't ever give up on ruining our lives. We have to "put on the full armor of God" at all things so that we may be able to stand when hard times come(Eph.6:11). Just because God brings two people together doesn't mean they will stay together. They have do their part by staying close to God, which will keep them together. "If we walk in the light...then we have fellowship with one another."(1Jn.1:7) Staying in his presence keeps us together with other humans. Many christians are divorcing nowadays(over 50%), according to statistics. So stay in God's presence where the devil can't get to you. Everything will work out just fine then. Even when things start to go bad for a while, just keep staying in his presence. It'll all work itself out in time.

God bless your marriage!

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Submitted by Dash from United States

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