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Please pray for Jude. He is going
through a deep interior change regarding
his life, and is asking for your prayers.
Father God has wonderful plans for
both of us, in saving souls, and is
beginning to show and prepare him. I
ask my sweet, loving Father God, to
please pour his sweet, precious blood
upon him, and to fill his heart and
soul with peace, joy, and love. And I
ask for this special intention
in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord
and Savior. AMEN!

Please pray for my neighborhood, that
Father God will send us some good,
christian neighbors, to replace the ones
who are moving out, and to bless and
protect out neighbors who are moving to
Mexico, because they have given up on
America. Also to clean up our
neighborhood of drug-selling, and gangs.
And that our neighbors will
always get along with each other and
help one another out, to be good,
respectable Christians.
Father God, please pour your sweet,
precious blood upon these lost souls,
please touch their hearts, that they may
open to YOU, and realize what they are doing
to the community is wrong.
Thank you Sweet Father God for
your never-ending love for us. AMEN!

Please pray for my sister, who is an
alcoholic, and also has psychiatric
issues, that Almighty Father God will,
take over, and give her the help she
needs, because she refuses to help
herself, her health is deteriorating,
and is breaking the heart of my 90 year
old Father.
Also for my Brother, who has left the
church, and does not believe in God
anymore. He also lost his job about a
month ago, and needs prayers, that
Father God will guide and direct him as
to where to apply for a job, so that he
will begin working again.
Thank you Sweet Father God, and I leave
these special intentions in your care,
because YOU love US, and I Love YOU!
Praise YOU Sweet, Loving Father God! I
place ALL my Love and Trust in You! AMEN!

Please continue to pray for Shea and her husband Greg,
and their various family issues. God is testing their faith and
to place all their trust in HIM.

Please continue to pray for the healing of my
Thyroid tumor. However Father God would
like to heal me, may his will be done!
And I ask for this special intention,
through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. AMEN!

Please pray for guidance/direction in purchasing a motorhome.
That Father God will show me "the one" that HE wants me
to purchase, and begin traveling to minister
to lost souls!

I place all these intentions in God's hands, and ask him to pour
his sweet, precious blood upon them all. And I claim these intentions
now, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, AMEN!

Submitted Wed Feb 25 23:33:18 +0000 2009


mrjt  Wed Feb 25 23:59:03 +0000 2009
Father, you know every need of mdwaw. We ask you to bless her with everyone of them; give her the desires of her heart and bless all of those she has concerns for. Leave nothing lacking or unfulfilled in her life. Most of all, draw her even closer unto you and fill her with the peace of mind that passes all understanding, a peace and joy that only you can give. And we bind any evil forces that the devil may bring against her in the future. In Jesus name. Amen.

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cmarie  Thu Feb 26 15:36:12 +0000 2009
stand firm in your faith...God is working with Jude. you just continue to THANK God because before you ever prayed your very first prayer, God was already working on an answer....show your faith by "digging your ditches", and thanking God for the path He is taking Jude down in order to show Jude what He needs.

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Submitted by mdwaw from United States

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