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2 nights ago I've crashed my car for giving space to temptations. Now im hoping my insurance could cover this brand new car and provide me a new one, I do not have gap insurance so I ask GOD please let the insurance people have a little mercy on me and give me a second chance, I nearly died that night if it wasnt for GOd to let the rear end hit the guard rail so may GOd allow me to get a new car which its hard to say since its under myd ads name!! PLease pray for the healing of my clavicle bone which also broke due to the mommentum and the seat belt

Update added Tue Apr 28 08:20:36 +0000 2009

Pray for My SPiritual Healing

Still Seeking for Help and Someone who will help me

Submitted Sun Apr 26 07:16:53 +0000 2009

  1. death
  2. second chance
  3. insurance
  4. car
  5. Financial
  6. scared
  7. lost
  8. devastated
  9. Lonely
  10. hopeless
  11. seeking


mrjt  Tue Apr 28 03:54:27 +0000 2009
Father, we pray your favor over this situation. Let it all work to build this young man's faith. Show him that you are, indeed, a god of second chances. In Jesus name. Amen.
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Submitted by tocool2betrue from United States

I'm a chosen human who is having a hard time at the moment in getting back to the path not easy as a 18 year older

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