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My sister to know Christ!

Dear Friends,
I have a sister who is into Richard Dawkins and into being a radical atheist. My parents are Christians , but my household growing up was extremely dysfunctional and confused. Many things happened out of my parents confusion and perhaps mental illness that had nothing to do with God's will, or His true nature. My sister is an "intellectual" who think Christianity is for people who are simple and can not think for themselves.
I know argument is useless, because her wounds are deep and many. Please pray she has an experience with God that is her own. We have an e- mail relationship where we have not discussed faith due to the conflicts, but she can not stop my prayer for her. I want to show I love her. Recently the topic came up due to a Facebook entry and I had to make a stand- for God. Please pray for her salvation, and for my wisdom. Thank you

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cmarie  Wed Sep 02 15:56:58 +0000 2009
God is already working on your sister, i just know He is. just as he worked on my ex. sometimes, God has to break a person down in order for them to realize they need God...it will happen for your sister rami!

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Raminakai  Wed Sep 02 16:11:46 +0000 2009
Oh thank you so much. I started to cry while reading it. I understand my sister well- and wish I had words to tell her that my parents do not represent God. They are confused people who know Jesus is the answer, but unwilling to deal with their own illness'
God touched me despite them, and what he did for me, He will do for her- touch her personally- uniquely- and call her His own- not force her to fit into a mold , but be fully free!
Thanks you much for your prayers.
In His time!

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Submitted by Raminakai from United States

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