prayer it
God's mercy for my exam.

I am study for B.A. in Business Management in the college in Rishon Le Zion.
I have to do more one exam, last one in this semester. The name of the course is "Managerial Accounting".And my exam is on October 14.
I am not enough prepared at all. This is difficult exam.
This is hard subject for study to me. I did not study the course in time of semester. I started, but because this looked for me very difficult, I did not finish it. My preparation is going very slow. I need to finish about three subjects form ten for this course. And also need to repeat, what I studied before.
I have no time to prepare myself on the level of exam. I just pay now for my lack of discipline for my study.
I want to do this exam. Because if not, I need to take this course for study second time. In this exam I just need to choose from five options the correct answer.
I ask for prayer. That I will be able to understand the study material faster. That I will have clarity haw to solve the mathematical problems for this subject. That I can to remember, what I study before. That I can be fast, good organized and to have some wisdom that to do it.
I ask the help from God, His present, that I can do, what is possible in this little time, which I still have for preparation.
The prayer-support is big help for me.
Zinaida Garbuz from Israel

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zinaida  Fri Oct 23 18:25:25 +0000 2009
Thank you for your prayer.
I had a prayer-request about exam on "Managerial Accounting", which I did on October 14.
I did not prepered well for this exam. Few days before exem I was so in
fear and trembeling that did not use correctly a time for prepreration.
i did not repeated 80 % of matirial , which I studied already. I just tryed to finish this 20 % , that left for me. I was confident that I can not pass this exem . And i need to take, to pay for this course more one time.
I knew that this is a difficult exam , and with my preperation I can not pass it.
Because i did not want to go for this exam, I came late for the exam. And as a result, I coud not finish all this exam.
By all my understanding and logic- I coud just think that I did not pass this exam.
But after the exam God said to me :"You did what you coud. And now you need to trust me".
This was difficult exam. And 85% from student in my college did not pass this exem. Because of this the administration added 8 points to the grade of each student. And with these 8 points I did pass the exam.
This was just pure grace of Jesus Christ.
For all the period my study in the college, I understood, that I need to prepare well, that to pass exam.
This exam, which I passed, is just a miracle from God.
God loves to use us, as a body of Messiah, through united prayer.
Thank you for your prayer and kindness.
Zinaida Garbuz from Israel.

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Miao  Wed Oct 28 03:16:04 +0000 2009
Congratulations..as Jesus is Lord!I hope miracle happens to me for tomorrow as well.

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