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My cousin does not seem to be on the right track and i do not know what is going on behind closed doors. He is saved and has been a Christian since we were little. He is like a brother to me. I am so afraid that he is doing things against the Word and possible living a double life. This scares me to death because he knows what is right. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, even though this may not sound so urgent, i'm desperate because i'm afraid for him. Please pray that he is not going against the way Christ wants us to live!

Thank You.

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mrjt  Fri Oct 16 07:21:36 +0000 2009
Even though your cousin is saved, that doesn't mean that his mind is renewed. But the Bible teaches us, that in order to follow after God ways, we must have our minds renewed by god's word(Ro.12:2), and we must consistently stay in prayer. If not, then the evil part of us will rule (Gal.5:16,17). That evil part is known as our "flesh" or our "sin nature." All of us have both a good and bad side. If we stay close to God, then the good side rules; if not, then the bad side rules. Obviously, your cousin has allowed his flesh nature to gain strength and rule his life.

But no need worry. Just keep praying for him. In time, God will convict his heart again; because once you have been filled with God's spirit and have his word on the inside, you are never the same again, even if you do go back to doing the wrong thing. The Holy Spirit can draw you back because there is so much substance inside of you. But someone has to pray for such a person. So, just keep praying for your cousin and never give up on him. God is at work in his life because God loves him more than you do. That's why you have a burden for your cousin like that. It's God working through you.

Okay, let's pray for our brother: Father, you know this man. You knew him even before you formed him in his mother's womb; your word says that you appointed him to his calling even before he was born, for we are all predestined through your son Jesus to do good works for you. We are a light to this world, but sometimes we get caught up in it. We get entangled in the desires of the flesh and slowly lose our way. Before we know it, we are so far away from you that it seems that we can't return. But we can, for you never leave us. That's what your word says. Even when we are unfaithful, you remain faithful. You said that no one can pluck us out of your hand; you said that you are married to the backslidder, and that we all are graven in the palm of your hand. So we know that you are watching our brother. We speak that you deliver him back unto you, back into the fellowship of the saints, and out of the grasp and deception of the enemy. Quicken his heart again, Lord; renew a right spirit within him; and restore him back to that place for which you have called him. And this time, give him such a foundation and root in you that he can never be led away from you again. In the name of your son, Jesus. By his blood we declare our brother free. Amen.

God bless you, sister!

Always know that God is always concerned about you and the things you are concerned about. Just be patient and wait on him (Ps.37:7). IN the meanwhile, keep praying for your cousin. God works miracles through our prayers. So never stop praying!

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