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Please pray for a teenager who talks of committing suicide. Although he grew up in the church he now says he’s not sure if he believes. He seems to blame God for a lot of his problems. He doesn’t read or obey the Bible yet he blames God. He resists attending church or listening to preaching. Please pray that he will turn to God and that he will attend church regularly and be open to hearing the word of God. Please give his parents wisdom. Please pray that he will allow God to show him the purpose and plan He has for his life and that he will not think about suicide anymore. Please pray that he will hear the word of God and his faith will grow.

Prayer request made golden: Fri Oct 30 14:34:00 +0000 2009

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cmarie  Fri Oct 30 14:30:11 +0000 2009
God bless him wherever he is right this moment.

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mrjt  Fri Oct 30 15:54:33 +0000 2009
Father, we rebuke a spirit of suicide sent against this teenager. We know that demons destroy hope in people and make them feel unloved, so that they can then give up on life. Those spirits even attack the mind with depressive thought patterns to steal peace. But you have said in your word that you give perfect peace to us when we keep our minds upon you. Your word also says that we are not be anxious for anything, but to praise you in all circumstances and let our requests be made known unto you whenever we have needs. In is then that you give us a peace that passes all understanding. So we pray that you give this teenager a mind of peace as you remind him of how much you love him. Defeat the lies of the enemy, Lord. Remove every spirit from this young person's presence and replace them with the presence of your Holy spirit. Send an angel to comfort this young man's mind. Let the blood of your son cover him. And I pray that you surround this young person with believers who will show him love and what your kingdom is really all about. Restore him, father, and let's these hard times strengthen him and give him the greatest testimony of his life. In Jesus name'. Amen.

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