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Freedom From Sin

Im still strugglings with my masturbation and it hurts me to be so unloyal or so easy to let into sin that sometimes im ashamed to be Even be blessed with out earning it. I just pray I can Let this habbit or addiction just let go of me

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mrjt  Tue Nov 03 09:04:26 +0000 2009
The closer we draw to Jesus, the more power we have to overcome all that is not of Jesus (Jn.15:4,5). That's what the Bible teaches us. We must be "renewed" in our minds daily by constantly studying the Word of God (Ro.12:2); and we must be strengthened in our spirits each day as we stay in prayer (1Thess.5:17). Do this, and you will overcome any sin in time. If you don't stay close to Jesus, then sinful habits are only natural. Your flesh will rule you daily (Gal.5:16,17), and guilt will consume your heart. But this is not the will of God. Jesus died to take away your guilt (Ro.8:1,2); all you have to do is confess that sin and keep going (1jn.1:9). So don't let your sins stress you out. That's how they gain power over you, because guilt only creates a cycle that leads you to repeat that sin. But knowing that you are free and redeemed through what Jesus did on the cross gives you power. Always remember that: that's the key to defeating satan. He tempts you to sin so that he beat you over the head with guilt. But knowing what Jesus did for your on the cross helps you overcome any feelings of guilt. So Stay close to Jesus, and he will deliver you from your bad habits in time. I promise. In the meanwhile, just rejoice in the Lord that your sins are not held against you. Amen!

God bless!

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Raminakai  Sat Nov 07 08:01:11 +0000 2009
I just wanted to comment as well. Agreeing with all the mrjt ministered.
I wanted to add that the sexual response is a gift from God, and not to be viewed as a wrong thing in itself. Obviously, God placed these urges within all of us. satan did not place this inside us, God did. The enemy twisted it and uses the joy of it to get us to be fixated on it, because it is easy to get our "fix: without trusting God , it is easy to turn to.
Sex has many positive purposes, but satan offers distorted forms of it(through porn- taking someone selfishly-without the relationship) Although there is argument about masturbation itself, sexual fantasy, and pornography involving other people is clearly wrong.

It is a way of getting something, or taking someone without the burden or responsibility of working at a relationship.
This is wrong because , as Christians we are telling God that we want that body or fantasy without waiting on Him to answer our desire for a partner, or we are telling God we think we should be able to have sex with anyone we want without regard for his boundaries. Without any relationship or commitment to them.
We might not be acting out with live people, but in our minds , we are.Thinking is an action. So, what we say, about trusting God , and our actions are different.That makes us double minded.
This is my take on it , that it is the compulsive use of images, that is a problem and it easily can become compulsive and get out of control.It feels really good, and is a release and comfort. It almost feels like a real relationship and so can often be enough to keep us from working though the hard steps of allowing others into our lives.
So easily this then can be an escape and become a way of handling stress, tension and can prevent people from working on the deeper issues that God cares about also. He wants people to be whole.
Sin is our trying to meet our legitimate needs met in Ways God never intended. Sometimes compulsions can be created when people have deeper pain they are using the sexual high to numb out.
I think praying for emotional/ spiritual health and finding a support group with men that you can trust to share your struggles with might help tremendously.
This is not just about sex. It is easy to want to have orgasms and not deal with the other feelings going on inside of us. Or to deal with the realities of trying to establish real relationships with other flawed human beings. Having relationships and dealing with others is not easy on an interpersonal level.
Waiting on God, without grabbing for what is easier is very difficult also. But His grace is able. What satan really enjoys is our NOT trusting God. He will easily get us to do that in the area of sexuality so he under mine our faith.

The true intent is for healthy sexuality- not absence of it.It has its place in our beings, as every one of us has these God given feelings.
Another problem compulsive masturbation with porn and fantasy creates is a sense of isolation and shame. This is what satan wants and should also be battled.It also creates the mental obsessions that can affect us in daily lives- viewing others in highly sexual ways, and disturbing our relationships with them making it awkward.
Your challenge will be to break free, not from masturbation as the focus, but to find support for you to get in some safe relationships where you can be vulnerable with your inner struggles with how you relate to your world in all areas, not just sexuality.
I pray you find some group of men - a Celebrate recovery group - or another Christian group.
God desires to free us not only not to sin, but also to be freed up to enjoy relationships and feel good about who we are. To relate to others in ways that promote a sense of respect and dignity. I hope this had been helpful. Perhaps not. I share these same struggles and am projecting some of the things I have learned along the way of freedom for myself in Christ.

" Dear Heavenly Father,
I lift up this young man to you and ask you to give him courage to reach out to others. So easily the obsession with sex can over whelm our brains and bodies and we can not see anything else. I ask you to meet the deeper need of this young man to find connection and his place in the world. Open up opportunity for him to open his world up, and to find a group of men that he can connect with and share his fears, doubts, insecurities, dreams, and concerns with that he can pray with.
It takes courage to trust others, and there are many that are not trustworthy, but I pray against the enemy that lies to us to keep us in isolation, by telling us no one is safe.
I know how difficult it is to be vulnerable with others. But, you call us to do. Not with everyone, but to seek, pray for others to come into our lives that we can share with and grow through our struggles with.
We need each other. I ask you to meet the needs of this young man- not only for sex, but for companionship and to experience true intimacy with others.
Show him what his next step is. Show him clearly what you are asking him to do. It might be the toughest thing he has ever had to do. What satan has twisted to become a source of pain, You intend to use as a blessing. Use this pressure this young man feels to push him into getting his other needs met in healthy ways that bring him true joy and peace within his heart.
Give him the power, and grace to reach out , and find connection.
The enemy would like us to focus on the things we are not getting that we want and so we forget, and do not see all the other joys and delights we can have. Allow this young man to see legitimate options in his longings.
Help him work through any resentments, bitterness, fears, insecurities, and any thinking patterns that keep him from enjoying peace. Allow him to feel Your love, and acceptance of his being- including his sexuality that You wish to heal.
Allow him to grow in his trust of You so that he can believe with his whole self that You love Him, that You matter to him, and that You have the power to help him- in all areas of his life.
Help him believe that you do care about needs, and that you are unfolding his life to bring him the things he desires in the timing and season. Give him patience with the process.
Give him hope for his future, and that you do have good, real things for him to enjoy. Show him that you have not forgotten about him.
Bless this young man. Give him faith to believe Your truth, and to uncover lies that he is believing about himself and You, and replace them with faith that is certain in Your ability to give him a life he wants.
Thank you for his heart and desire to serve you and to do Your will.
Thank you for hearing and answering these prayers as you have promised in Your Word to do. You are not a liar.
You will hear the cries of Your people, and be generous with those who place their trust in You.
In Jesus Name,

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omo  Mon Nov 23 07:34:43 +0000 2009
psalm 12i:1 My help comes from the LORD ask the Lrd to help each time the thoughts come and He will show up and help you.

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jbulldogst  Mon Nov 23 08:33:49 +0000 2009
Yes, I agree that you need to get closer to Jesus. God intends for sex to be within the context of marriage only. That's the only sense in which it is a gift. So, as mrjt pointed out, just draw closer to Jesus and be sure to keep his word in your heart. In time, you will overcome these issues. Keep everything spiritual. Demons only fear the word of God. And seek christian counseling on these matters only. Find a church that can help you.

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