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Massacures in Sudan and Uganda

I would like all folks who talk with God to cry out for the people in Uganda, Sudan and areas where they are subject to the devils horrors. As long as there are Christians on the planet this kind of evil should not be able to continue.

Joseph Kony is a marked man. He claims to be on gods side, however the god he serves is not our God. As hitler also claimed to be on the side of rightness, I can see that he is clearly being empowered by the most despicable demons- to machete hundreds of people, rape and also force children to kill other children with ax's machetes etc.. and then walk away, it is unspeakable evil- and shockingly it is wide spread, he must be stopped.

I heard that part of the violence there is fueled by tech companies buying minerals from those area to use in our cell phones and the like and as consumers we can insist that the companies use other minerals "conflict free" ones. I know this will not stop human greed and change human hearts, but it is something.
Please pray that those able to do something do it. Please pray for the safety of those who are willing to go over there and stand up in the gap for the vulnerable people who live in that hellish situation daily. Pray for John Prendergast, co - founder of the Enough Project, and all the people who have devoted their lives to stand up to evil. They must be empowered by God, the true God to not let fear cause them to back down. Intimidation is the evil one's way. We must not be intimidated by evil anymore, and look the other way in our shame.
Those willing to give their own lives for others is an act like Jesus, in His spirit.
Thanks all,

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mrjt  Wed Mar 31 07:19:55 +0000 2010
Father, we pray for your divine justice in this situation. For years, evil has been allowed to run rampant in this continent; demons have a had their way for too long. So now we pray and intercede for these people. We ask that you will stop the senseless killing and murdering; and we pray that those who are responsible, on every level, will brought to divine justice. Your eyes see everything, father; the guilty will not go unpunished. Your day of justice is right around the corner for those that pepetuate evil year after year. And remember the cry of the innocent in this land. Protect them Lord; stand on their side when they stand up for what is right; give them a spirit of boldness that can come only from you. Stir up your people to use all the power you have given them to overcome satan in this land, Lord. Your son defeated him on the cross 2000 years ago. All we have to do is take authority. So, bring an end to this evil, O'Lord, as only you can. Stop the blood shed. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Thanks for bringing this to our awareness, Rami. We are indeed warriors for God's justice. Prayer is not just prayer, but it is spiritual warfare. It is the greatest weapon God has given us against evil.

I will continue to pray on this issue.

God bless!
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Submitted by Raminakai from United States

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