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Marriage Restoration

Pray that God will heal my marriage of 15 years. My husband left me 3 years ago for another women. He did not divorce me yet. I love my husband and want restoration. Pray that God will intervene with supernatural power as I have confessed my stand to so many people and after 3 years, they do not believe. God does not lie, I am standing on His word. David & I am one. God bless you all. Sue

Prayer request made golden: Tue Apr 20 22:13:35 +0000 2010


Raminakai  Tue Apr 20 23:09:58 +0000 2010
I admire your courage in standing for your marriage.
I also know this is a very complicated issue. I have been divorced for 13 years, and I never had the desire to re- marry my former husband, ever! In fact, I feared it. I am amazed that you want to.
So, I think it is not about what is right or wrong here,or what other people think, but about God is doing, and I think if that is what He has told you to do- stand on it with all your heart.
He obviously placed that desire in your heart. There has been no divorce. I will pray with you that God does restore your marriage. He already gave you that desire which is amazing in itself, so go with it until God speaks and says ," Move on" No matter how long.
Your husband is a very blessed man to have a woman who loves him enough to forgive him, is willing to pray faithfully for him , despite his obvious moral flaws, and is willing to wait for him to return.
" Dear Heavenly Father:
This woman desires to reunite with her husband. They are still married and you have somehow kept that love for her man inside her. I ask you to do the work inside her husband that draws him to You, and back to their marriage.
She is right- YOU do NOT lie. Ever! You are a God who fulfills every promise. One way you show us your will is to give us desires for that purpose.
If it is You who has purposed this , then continue to bless that in her. If not, then remove those deep feelings she has for him. Only you know what is very best for her.
I ask you to help this woman focus on Your voice and not the silly voices all around from people trying to be helpful, but do not know the future- only You do. Only You know the plans you have for this family.
Move in this situation. Cause this man to be turned off by the woman he turned to meet his needs, and to appreciate the qualities of his wife, who trusts in you.
I pray that you save this other woman, who can see what she has done, selling herself cheaply, is doing to her soul.
I ask you to help this wife continue to move on in the ways you would have her do - to make her life terrific no matter what her husband does or doesn't do. In every marriage, each person must decide to be sustained by God, and not each other. We all fall short. We all all sinners, saved by grace, and need Your Divine help to be joyful inside as you help us overcome our tendencies toward sin.
Cause this woman to focus on her life in You and let You do the work in her husband. Sometimes, you do clue us in to your vision, but we get stuck trying to make it happen. We can not make anything happen, but only can choose to focus on You , do our part,and give You praise for the work You do, and we walk forward each day, hoping and trusting You to do what is impossible for us to do.Changing someone else's heart is an impossible task. Only You can do that work. We can trust you with our loved ones, and keep as close to You as we can- depending on you for our security and strength.
Thank you for caring about this marriage, and I pray that it bring you glory.
Thank you for being a intimate God, for being a person who lives in us and knows each of us and our circumstances. You can give specific direction in each of our lives. You don't have a rule book for every situation, but intimate, personal knowledge of each of us, and dealt with us according to your perfect loving will.
Thank you for your way of guiding us. It can be very frustrating to try to figure out what You are doing in our lives. Help this woman relax and rest in the promises You made to her. If it is Your voice, it will come about as she trusts in you, no matter what the circumstances look like right now.
I ask you to help her be wise about who she shares with. Not everyone in your body has discernment, or her best interest at heart, like you do.

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omo  Fri May 21 09:46:14 +0000 2010
Father I pray for thy will to be done concerning this marriage. Lord I pray for a restoration of everything that has been lost in this marriage, I pray for the restoration of joy, of Love and peace. Lord i bribg this couple before thy throne of grace and i ask in the name of Jesus that you bring back the original love that they had for each other. I pray that wherever this man is, the Holy ghost will visit him and remove his peaceuntil he comes back to the wife of his youth. Lord i know that when you do this we shall return all the glory to you. Glorify your name Lord and put the devil to shame concerning this couple. Lord in the meanwhile your word says in Isaiah 54 that you are the husband of the forsaken woman, Lord be hudsband, friend, confidant and provider of Sue. Be with her in her sleeping and waking, wipe away her tears and give her your peace whilst waiting for the fulfilment of your word. Amen

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mariaj  Sat Jan 30 23:25:38 +0000 2016
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Jessica Luis11  Thu Jul 14 16:44:52 +0000 2016
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Submitted by sue from South Africa

About sue
I am an ordinary women with ordianry expectations of life, but the devil has stolen my destiny. I want it back.

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