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Please pray for my retreat this weekend at a local retreat center.
I feel nervous. I would ask that I be prepared to receive from the Spirit what He wishes to speak to me. I would also love to be a blessing to the other women- being a good listener, and helpful in their situations.
I need new direction for several area in my life. Thanks so much for your prayers,

Submitted Fri Jun 25 03:12:26 +0000 2010


mrjt  Fri Jun 25 03:40:25 +0000 2010
Hmmm...nice prayer, sister! You are heading to a retreat center and yet you are able to be concerned about others! I think the first thing I would have probably been thinking is "Where can I find the beach!"

Anyway, as you know, God can use any moment to win someone to him. Sometimes when people are relaxed and comfortable, they share things they don't normally share when uptight. They let their guards down some. So, yes, I will pray for you, sister. It's nice to know that someone else gets nervous in these situations too. But it's even better that you are thinking of others in this situation. I must admit it: you are better than me in this situation. Naw, i'm just kidding...I think.

Anyway, have some fun. Everything will be okay. I will certainly be praying for you.

God bless you, sister!

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zinaida  Fri Jun 25 12:14:07 +0000 2010
Hello Rami!
If you need new direction for several area in my life.
I think that you prayed for this a lot.
Probably just possible to start to do some steps in this direction. If this is correct direction-God will open some door for you. If not-you will see that all the doors closed.
Thank you for your kindness and love toward people.

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Raminakai  Sun Jul 11 02:50:01 +0000 2010
Thank you all for praying for the retreat! It was very refreshing. I thank the Lord I was able to go, and enjoy the very glorious landscape and provisions He has given.

Thank you mrjt and Ziniada for your faithful prayers, and your faithful service to the Lord in all you are and do.

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Submitted by Raminakai from United States

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