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I need a J-O-B, not book of JOB. I need money. I lost the job, car broke down (battery & atlernator), no money to fix, got evicted, living with mom. Gots to find work like NOW!!$$$$ So I can live. I would have even done pizza delivery if only the car worked. What are you supposed to do if God doesn't show up? I need work! You walk into churches and they won't give because you're not working saying "well if a man doesn't work he doesn't eat" and you're like "wow what a concept. Are you serious? I never thought of this great revelation." Like I'm not applying and trying.

Submitted Wed Jun 08 18:28:47 +0000 2011


mrjt  Sat Jun 11 17:33:27 +0000 2011
Brother, don't be discouraged. It God's will for you to be blessed! That's what his word teaches us. But concentrate more on spending time Jesus in his word and prayer and then watch how his power moves in your life. Just seek him above all things, and his blessings will come. Be patient. He loves you.

Also, that church has that scripture wrong! It was for people who intentionally stopped working and were depending on and living off of others (2Cor.3:10). Don't people thought that since Jesus was coming, why not quit our jobs? Some did and ended living off of others who were still working. That was the context of that scripture. The church you went to got it wrong! Very wrong!

So don't worry about that. You might even need to consider finding another church.

God bless you, and love brother! I will be praying for your situation. Been there right where you are. Didn't have anything; things are much better now. It took time, but God is moving me forward.

So always wait on God, brother! He is faithful!!!

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Submitted by adayah from United States

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