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Need To Find Way.

help me , i m lately feeling alone. SOmetimes i even have thoughts of doing suicide. I don't know why i m having these thoughts. I am trying to live in this world but i can't pretend anymore that i m happy because i am not. I feel like i am not loved by anyone. No one is here for my sorrow, for talking , nobody is here to wipe my tears. I m crying ever single night in my bed at night feeling that nobody in this world is made for me , for loving.

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Raminakai  Mon Sep 26 03:53:30 +0000 2011
Dear Beautiful One:
Have you come to the right place! Your prayer has been heard, and your joy shall be full!
I know that God will answer You, and has already known you would be longing for a love that never ends.
I am honored to pray for You and excited that You are seeking for an answer to your spirits longing.

Lord Jesus,
This beautiful person is asking to find the Way, and this you long to answer. Jesus, you say, " I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father except my Me." John 14:6
Bless this one with Your Love. Allow this person to know that You are real, allow this sweet young woman to know she was made with a purpose and is a vision of your heart that created her.
Allow her to receive You, Jesus , into her Being and fill her with joy that nothing can ever take away, no matter what her circumstances. "
If you ask Jesus to come into your heart, the Holy Spirit of God will come into You and fill you with peace. It is a peace that nothing can take away.
I send you love and thank you for reaching out to God- for He thanks you too - having a longing that You find peace , love, joy and purpose inside His heart.
God did make You for loving- not just sexual romantic loving like we all want, but a kind of loving that is not selfish, greedy or limited- it is the First Love of Jesus, that can change your life and fill your heart always. even as life changes, He will not.
Blessings always,

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mrjt  Wed Sep 28 13:39:05 +0000 2011
Amen!! God bless you, Amyrxstar! You are very special before the Lord. He loves you very much. And so do we!

Praying for you...

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FaithinYou93  Sun Nov 06 23:27:55 +0000 2011
First and formost , suicide is never the answer although the devils has his ways of entering our minds and controlling us if we allow him it is only you that can cast him away and out of your spirit. I pray that Lord in your name you take away the demons that are invading their mindset be taken away. Lord i ask that you them that they are loved, i love you beautiful one for we are looking to the same Father, Lord i ask that you take this child under your wing and protect them and nurture them to the point of happiness. Lord i ask that you make it known that they are not alone and they will recieve their blessing upon patience, understanding, and believing in the word. Lord in your name i pray and everyone that agreed with the prayer said Amen. Amen and God Bless.

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onyemmeri  Sat Jan 14 14:04:41 +0000 2012
haliluyah is a heavenly language,before i pray for you, i will love you to understand that you are a great woman of faith,through you profile you have led men and woman to repentance & faith,even me,we leanrt from the bible that faith moves mountain,and satan only attacks men & woman of faith,even elijah after winning through faith,by destroying the 450baars,was attacked as you was today,and he said to GOD,it is better you take my life,but GOD encouraged him,by telling him to continue in faith.i will also encourage you to continue in faith,because FAITH IS THE ONLY WAY,NOT SUICIDE,NOT HOPE,NOT FEAR,NOT WORRY,NOT WEALTH,BUT ONLY FAITH.SUICIDE IS SIN,AND WHEN YOU COMMIT IT,IMMEDIATELY YOU WILL SEE YOURSELF IN HELL FIRE,MORE WORSER THAN THE PROblem you now have.in jesus name,i am praying for you and your requests,i know there isnt anything too hard for the lord.jesus brought all you need for soul,mind,and body,and it is HIS desire for you to prosper,and be in health,even as your soul prospereth;BY FAITH RECEIVE DAILY FRM THE LORD.LET HIS PRECIOUS PROMISES AND HIS GREAT LOVE BE A LIVING REALITY TO YOU.CLAIM ALL THAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS.ALL THAT JESUS BROGHT AND YOU WILL OVERCOME.MAY GOD BLESS YOU.FROM ONYEMMERI.

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Jessica Luis11  Thu Jul 14 16:16:16 +0000 2016
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Submitted by Amyrxstar from India

About Amyrxstar
I Am 18 Yr Old. I am in class 12th. I love god.

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