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College age son going thru depression & money difficulties

Please dear Lord wrap your loving arms around my 20 year old son. He is in summer school, working, and worrying alot. His worries include depression, not sleeping, how to pay for fall semester, being a financial burden to us, broken relationship with his first girlfriend. All this has been compounded with a bad strep throat infection and new meds for his depression. I praise him for seeking help and talking to me. I just wish he was home so I could hug him and assure him that this too shall pass.

Submitted Wed Jul 27 02:22:40 +0000 2011

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Raminakai  Mon Sep 26 03:37:20 +0000 2011
I hear your mothers heart! I will pray with you for your son. I also wanted to say that it is such a blessing that your son was willing to share his concerns with you- trusting you are strong enough to carry that burden. Your faith is a beacon of hope for him, even while he struggles.
" Heavenly Father,
I lift up this young man, along with his mother. She loves him and desires to give him what time and stress can not take away- Your love and presence in His life- ever holding him up, comforting and guiding through this life and the next.
Show this young man the realness of Your Presence in such a way that he knows without a doubt that You are real, that You love him, that You have always loved him and in fact, gave him a mother who knows you on purpose.
I thank you for this young man and the plans You have for him, to be a reflection of Your glory on this planet, and to enjoy the beauty of Your Creation.
Give him a clear sense of purpose. Mend his broken heart. Bring friends his way that can see the amazing human being he is and value the way you made him. That truly enjoy his company and friendship.
Show him the Way he should go. Bless him, favor and protect him as his life unfolds.
In Jesus Name,

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Submitted by Marybskt from United States

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