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i m in urgent need of a goverment job as soon as possible for survival and also in need of a perfect life partner as i m a divorcee and till i don't get my wish fullfilled plz be with me

Submitted Mon Aug 15 03:46:13 +0000 2011


nirrap  Sat Sep 10 12:02:45 +0000 2011
I feel the urge to share this wonderful story with every one who has faith in his heart.
I submitted a prayer request for my son who was suffering from rare type of cancer, in several prayer sites, a holy person recommended special site, and I use it and it made a miracle for my son and for our family.
I want to shout out load the glory of Jesus and to spread the name of this glorious site www.holylandprayer.com and I am sure you can post a prayer there for your own wish.


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Raminakai  Mon Sep 26 03:25:05 +0000 2011
Praying for your need. TF : often life doesn't match up with our wishes. Divorce is very painful and I pray God's healing touch mends your heart. Trust in the Lord, seek Him, and His Holy Spirit will reach inside Your Being and rearrange your priorities. God knows what is exactly right for you when. He knows the season and the times of your life, and is working to benefit your spirit as You find Your joy inside the presence of His person. It is a process, not an event, like any relationship has a meeting moment, and then is a process of learning about each other and bonding. God desires to have that kind of friendship with You through His Spirit.
" Father God,
Hear the cry of this person's spirit- to find fulfillment and purpose- in relationship to You first, then in proper relationship to others, and to the calling You have for them on planet earth.
Move in their life to show them You are real, You want them to know You, and You can reveal Your design for their life as they seek to know You day by day.
Protect and provide all that they need each moment at a time. Give faith to them to trust You are in control and will faithfully meet every need as it is very best.
With kindness and great mercy draw this person closer to You , to become more aware of Your work in their lives, and find You at the core of their heart, making them whole inside.
Cover this person with Your Love- that is ever forgiving, merciful , kind and powerful to change those things within the human heart that hinder us. Bring peace to this person. In Jesus Name,Amen

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mrjt  Wed Sep 28 13:56:59 +0000 2011
Amen, Rami!!

God bless you, Saisuraj! Will be praying for you!!

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