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URGENT-Salvation and Marriage Healing

My story is quite long, but for now I'll keep it as short as I can. I am a Christian (1998), my wife and children are not. Prior to being saved I strayed in my marriage (1992). We got back together and worked on getting back in love. It took accepting Christ for me to REALLY change. Things seemed to be going along pretty well. I'd witness when I could although she didn't want to hear it. About a year and a half ago my wife told me that she wanted to leave. Last June she accepted a job in South Carolina and moved out of our home in Florida. Initially, because of the huge increase in pay and position, the job was the main reason and that one day I would move there. My job allows me to live anywhere. I would visit her often and stay with her for a while in between business trips in that area. Last week I called her to say I was in town and I would meet her at the house later (I have a key). It was then she said that she had been trying for many years to get the feeling back with us and now realizes that she can't. She said "I love you but not in love with you, I want to be friends, I've always done what others wanted me to do and never did anything for myself, etc”. She followed that with "I want a divorce", "I want to be alone". Brothers and Sister, there is so much more to this but believe me when I say that satan has a major control in her life. It seems the closer I get to the Lord (even talking about Bible College) the worse our problems get. I am in desperate need of a prayer army. This whole thing has weakened me so much. It's hard to do this on my own. PLEASE pray first and foremost that the Lord will soften her heart during this time and she will accept Him! Her entire life from things that happened early in her life to as recent as 18 years ago has really hardened her heart towards the Lord. Also, pray for my strength I know the Lord has a plan. I know our marriage can only be restored through her salvation. Please, Please be part of my prayer army during this battle. I have nowhere to turn to except the Lord and my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Even with that, I find myself feeling alone from time to time and weak. In Christ's Love and Blessing’s, - Andy

Submitted Wed Sep 14 03:17:45 +0000 2011

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mrjt  Wed Sep 28 05:41:01 +0000 2011
God has not left you, brother, nor has he forsaken you. Believe me, i have seen situations like yours, where one partner is saved and the other is not. Yes, it exerts a toll on your marriage; nonetheless, nothing is too hard for Jesus.

And You are right to seek prayer teams: that's where the power is. But be sure you spend that time in the word, meditating on it and speaking God's word everyday. That will empower you and release great power from your mouth that will affect both your atmosphere and your wife. God will bring some things to pass through your word. So always read that word and speak it daily.

I'm praying for you, brother. I do believe will work hard in time.

God bless u brother!

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Submitted by apunz from United States

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