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I need my relationship to be restored

I'm standing infront of you.confesing sins to u, I need ur forfiveness.I'm faced with an agorny, my fiance just left me because of misunderstandings that we had, I had lost someone that I love so much ,and that I thought he was mind..I m asking your presence to work on his heart, change his mind lord, make him think and love me so much wheraver he is,I pray that all his infedilities, shtuborness, pride and guilt are destroyed in the name of the holy JESUS..make pedro to come back to my life, make pedro to know that I'm his wife in the name of jesus..I pray for peace wenever we talk and even meet..let your presence be with us in the name of jesus..i pray for marriege from him in the name of jesus..hear my prayer dear lord as I'm crying for your help in JESUS NAME. AMEN n thank u.

Submitted Sun Nov 10 17:00:24 +0000 2013


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