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Marriage Restoration

My name is Neela, I'm married to Joseph in 1998. After 2 and half months of marriage he moved to Kerala on job and there he came in contact with another divorcee and started living with her. I was sent to my parents house as I was pregnant. I delivered a boy in 1999. Neither my husband nor inlaws were interested in the baby. After 2 years he filed for divorce and after 4 years, I won the case in the lower court. For 6 years I was left in my parents house. After that he came to take me and my son only to deceive and take signatures on mutual divorce and latter throwed us out on the streets. And married that lady. All these years I was seeking justice from God. For God gave me the gift of family which Satan has stolen. If at all I’ve to be alone and serve God I would been a spinster and never been married.

Hence I seek your prayer for my marriage restoration.
1) I haven't gone for another man as "I Cor 7:39 says woman is bound to a man as long as he liveth".
2) And also Bible condemns divorce and marrying divorced as adultry. So request you to pray that my husband comes out of it.
3) As in Malachi 2:14, God condemns saying that he will stand as a witness, if a man leaves his wife treacherously ~ Seeking Justice.

I know it sounds wierd asking both justice and marriage restoration. For Bible says to forgive a sinner but not his sins.... Hope you understand this.

I humbly request you to pray for me as 15 years is not a number to me it is pain, sorrow, grief, humiliation, struggle bringing up the boy.. everything is involved in it.
And also boy is deprived of father's Love and Affection which is his right given by GOD.

Submitted Fri Nov 15 14:41:36 +0000 2013


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Submitted by Neela from India

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