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I need a permanent and good paying job. I need life and happiness. I need very good friends.

Submitted Fri Jul 11 09:15:09 +0000 2014


Raminakai  Fri Aug 01 17:48:23 +0000 2014
Thank you for giving me the great honor of praying for you.
I apologize in being delayed in my being able to intercede on your behalf before Father God.
I know you are Hindu by birth, and have not received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior at this time. I thank you for allowing me to pray in the name of Jesus Christ on your behalf.
I urge you today to try Jesus. Give Him a chance to show Himself to you.

You can say, " Jesus, If you are real, if you are better than Hindu gods, then show me that proof!"

Ask Him to reveal Himself to you today. If you ask this, I am certain He will make known to your mysteries of the secret things of God.
HE knows you have need of these things in life: joy, peace, and means to live. He knows that you need friendships, companionship to relieve your sense of loneliness. He has placed these needs there in order to fulfill them, to draw you to Himself.
I believe that recently you have heard the gospel preached. The words stirred inside you something, but it made you uneasy and restless.
Something in you feared you would lose yourself and your sense of identity.
I believe that you are exactly in the place and times and season, God has prepared for you to have a new life. A new life in Jesus Christ.
I am so excited for you to see what the Lord Jesus! Through the washing of His blood, all things are washed away and have become new.
You have new eyes to see, a new heart to love, and new vision for your life.
" Thank you Jesus for this lovely woman! Have tenderly you lead her and how precious are your promises are to her. Speak into her spirit the words of new life. Spring fourth a new well within her soul that is filled with Living Water.
Thank you for the working of Your power inside this woman who was situated in this time and place for a heavenly plan and purpose.
Give her faith to believe what You speak to her, give her the desire to seek from your Holy Word, your promises to claim them and be comforted by them.
Set her apart and bless her with Great Peace and faith to move mountains.
Open doors for her that no man can shut. Reveal Truth to her spirit that comes no other way except by Your Divine Power.
I thank you for the privilege of lifting her up to you, in all that concerns her today.
Hear and answer her heart cries for a new life. May all the aspect of her being be whole, free and empowered by the Spirit of Christ.
In Jesus Name.
Thank you allowing me to pray over you and to be a part of the blessing God is doing in your life! It is good, and not evil. There is Hope for your future! ( Jeremiah 29:11)


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Daniel Govender  Mon Nov 23 08:37:22 +0000 2015
Thank you Lord Jesus for saving yet one more soul through the disciplined vessel of you daughter in Christ, Rami.


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I have lost everything in my life. I have no job and only debts. I need a permanent and good paying job. I could not change my house. The house which I live in now has so many issues with water an...

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