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GOD im so happy that me and john julian del rosario can finally text or email each other.. the other day he was asking me for money.. and i decided to help him. He also asked me to meet him for coffee and said not to tell joanne joy vison that we are still talking and cannot know about our relationship we have. i know that sounds shady, but thats who john is and i want to respect thier relationship. its john who does this and gets away with it. just the other day i texted him happy b-day and our conversation went well. Thank you god for this miracle, and when joanne finally realizes this she will hopefully b smart enough to read his emails and all... esp the one where he asked me to take a naked photo of me and a video saying i can do better to take him away from joanne lol... she may think john is a angel and is faithful to her but she will have to find out the hard way.

leslie garcia

Submitted Fri Jul 25 14:47:54 +0000 2014


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Submitted by elle2012 from United States

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