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Right now I need peace from God. I have absolute faith in Him and I know that he gives us the desires of out hearts if we delight in him. However, sometimes I find myself worrying about things and it consumes my mind and wastes time. It also reflects on my attitude and I want to be positive especially for others. I still pray for my ex everyday, that God will soften his heart. I believe that God is speaking to me because my ex texted me not too long ago about how he missed me and he feels stupid for letting me go. He is still long distance, but I praised God when I saw that msg! I also need prayer that I will stay focused on God, no matter how enthused I get about the potential of my ex and I getting back together. I want to keep my eyes on Christ and let Him do all the work. I'm also praying for my financial situation at home, that God with bring a breakthrough and allow me to receive a better paying job, one in which I already interviewed for and I'm really excited for that job. I thank Jesus for hearing me and answering my prayers! Please pray for me guys!

Submitted Wed Aug 06 18:58:02 +0000 2014

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Submitted by Phee from Bahamas

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