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prayer over severe conditions

1 please pray that god heal my prostate gland and help me to find a wife
2 please pray that god blesse me with a large cleaning account, even the FAU building that i will be bidding on this month
3 please pray that god causes my janitorial checks to come on in early this month
4 please pray that god saves my 7-11 and cumberland farms account for floor service
5 please pray that the internal revenue service does not file a tax ley against me
6 please pray that god saves me from judge wild in small claims court
7 please pray that god blesses a case against a store owner that i am filing for damages done to me on his premises in a robbery upon me
8 please pray that god helps me to find a neurologist and a psychiatrist favorable to my injuries

Submitted Fri Apr 11 02:21:13 +0000 2008


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Submitted by rodneyw from United States

About rodneyw
49 year old man in a janitorial business that is currently doing bad, also my wife who is and has been unfaithful finally left me for a guy she has been going with for 4 yrs. i am in bad financial si...

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